Month: April 2014

Desperate Measures

You know you’ve bought/are buying too many printing presses, when your fiancé comes home with one of these 🙂





Adana H.S.3 restoration

These videos are just so I can chart my progress with the restoration of this lovely Adana H.S.3.

It has generally been very well cared for, but some time in an outhouse has led to a bit of seizing up. In the videos all I’m trying to do is depress the handle, but to no avail:

(Sorry for the random mid video rotating).

Since shooting these clips, I’ve had the press on it’s side, bathing the bolts with penetrant. The difference is remarkable. I’ll post an updated video soon.

The Adana H.S.3 is a fascinating machine, produced for a very short time, it has a slightly larger chase (8.5 x 5.5) to the standard eight- five and feels more robust.

Watch this space for further updates!

Adana five-three

I’ve had a lot of fun over the past seven days printing on my trusty Adana five-three.

I feel nostalgic every time I use this press – it was my first, bought on a whim after that initial “Adana letterpress” eBay search. The press was cheap, listed as suitable only for spares and repair, but actually in pretty good shape. All that was missing was the gripper bar, finger and box, so I swiftly sourced these.

I didn’t flinch, clambering aboard a train for Peckham and trawling the backstreets until I found the right house. I merrily picked up the box, walked back to the station with it and ran for the train. There was a small falling over on the platform incident, but I was unperturbed.

The first outing for the press was to print several ‘belly bands’ for a uni poetry anthology I helped put together. I still look at those anthologies with pride, now. It was a significant time.

Today I sat with my trusty Adana on the table and printed 20 A5 posters (see last post). I have three five- threes now , but I tend to return regularly to this trusty press, remembering all our adventures since that initial pick up.