Adana H.S.3 restoration

These videos are just so I can chart my progress with the restoration of this lovely Adana H.S.3.

It has generally been very well cared for, but some time in an outhouse has led to a bit of seizing up. In the videos all I’m trying to do is depress the handle, but to no avail:

(Sorry for the random mid video rotating).

Since shooting these clips, I’ve had the press on it’s side, bathing the bolts with penetrant. The difference is remarkable. I’ll post an updated video soon.

The Adana H.S.3 is a fascinating machine, produced for a very short time, it has a slightly larger chase (8.5 x 5.5) to the standard eight- five and feels more robust.

Watch this space for further updates!

2 thoughts on “Adana H.S.3 restoration

  1. Hello, I am about to embark on making my HS3 (my fist ever letterpress machine) work. Do you have any advice or any more videos please? My lever works, but the chase isn’t touching the paper! Any advice is very welcome 🙂
    Thanks, Kat

    1. Hi Kat, good luck with your HS3. They are beauties. Can you adjust the impression screws (at the rear of the chase bed) to help the chase touch the paper?
      If bits are stiff to move, I always bathe them in lemon juice and vinegar. My email is if you’re still stuck. Thanks, Vicki

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