Lady Audley’s Secret – Letterpress Project

I’m currently taking part in a project funded by Canterbury Christ Church University, to print entries for this competition:

Braddon poster competition image

The project blog is


Latest Acquisition: Baltimorean #10 Press

My good friends over at Briarpress helped me identify this, my latest treasure, as:

“a Baltimorian” #10 by J.F.W. Dorman Company. 1885-1904
(Or a “Baltimore” #10 by Baumgarten & Co. 1895-1900 as they are practically identical).

Very helpfully, the post also included these links to some very handy press identification sheets. I am indebted to Oprion for these:

Part One:

Part Two:


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“Printing Apparatus for the Use of Amateurs” – Cowper

Here I am, post Sissinghurst, blogging again about some of the print-related ephemera that’s proving especially interesting and useful for my current research.

Today’s link is here, a brilliant e-version of the instructions for the Holtzappel-Cowper press, 1876.

Instructions 1876 Parlour Press

I’m currently writing a paper entitled “Scandalous Documents: Print, Porn and the Parlour Press”, for this conference. 

I’ll post the abstract here when I’m done.

Sissinghurst Castle – Letterpress Reimagined

I’m still mostly blogging over at the site, all about the progress of our project in conjunction with the Heritage Lottery Fund, Canterbury Christ Church University and the National Trust:

It’s all going amazingly well. Stop by the blog and say hi, leave us a comment (or twelve), and you can also follow the project on Twitter at: @LPreimagined

LP Day 1 b