Minerva Platen – Complete

One day you answer an advert on eBay for a little Adana hand press, which may or may not work, and lug it back on a train from the big City. Two years later you find yourself elbow deep in grease wrestling with pieces of a late-Victorian printing press. I’m not sure how that happened. 

Tonight my excellent friends came and we spun the press around, and slowly pieced her back together. We affixed the platen bed to the base of the press and then slowly bolted everything in place, before putting the treadle, flywheel and impression lever in place. 

It’s such a relief to see the press back together, and more excitedly, back together and in my lounge. (it’s also good to be able to walk to the front door without having to ballet dance around a flywheel, but that is a side issue). 

There are a few bits to do – some running repairs, a tiny bit of welding, but soon enough she’ll be printing away. So exciting.






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