Adana T.P. 71 Letterpress – in action!

After a winter in dry dock, I dug out the toolkit this weekend and finally changed the fuse on this, my beloved Adana T.P. 71 printing press.
The British Letterpress site (here) has some fascinating information on these particular treadle / power presses. To quote a small chunk:

“Adana had a his­tory of pro­du­cing machines powered by treadle (rather than hand) before the T/P48 appeared. A pat­ent held by the founder of Adana (Don­ald Aspin­all) and an engin­eer demon­strates the prin­ciple from the 1920s; and the firm made a Adana Treadle Platen around 1926. This fam­ily of machines has an unusual approach of a D-shaped drum to act as ink­ing cyl­in­der with the flat area hold­ing the chase. Ink­ing rollers revolve around the drum and on to the forme — this whole assembly moves to impress on a static back platen hold­ing the paper.”

Here are the links to the youtube videos of the press in action, (complete with Ziggy Stardust playing in the background). There are two videos, and I was just playing around seeing what the impression looked like, and how smoothly the press ran after a few running repairs and a good clean up.


Incidently, I do not have rollers for the press as yet, so I did this by hand inking the forme using a small roller. It’s not perfect and it wouldn’t do for a massive print run, but it worked well as a preliminary experiment. I do have the roller spindles, so my Spring project (one of many) will be to send these off for recovering.

Here are some photos of the press and the results:









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