Latest Projects (Adana x 3)

This week I’ve been getting my hands dirty working on a trio of presses I picked up online:


From the photo, I knew I was working with an eight five, and the small HS1, but I wasn’t sure about the third. I also didn’t really know what the condition would be like: the eight five looks in one piece in the photo, and the small patch of familiar red paint to the left of the handle gave me hope, but I really didn’t know if they were going to be rescuable. The ink discs especially looked calcified and in a state. 

Upon collection, I could immediately tell a couple of things:

– The eight five was actually in remarkably good shape, it had just been left to get dirty, and probably in a damp environment causing some surface rust. At this stage the handle would not impress, but I was confident a bit of cleaning could fix it.

– The HS1 was again in pretty good shape. The main issue here was that upon its last use it hadn’t been cleaned, so (as you can see in the photo), the rollers and ink disc were stained yellow. I fixed this via a heady concoction of white spirit and gentle scraping:



The other thing that struck me about the eight-five, was that it looked immediately pretty different to my other eight-five. It has an Adana sticker on the side with the serial number (not much help as all Adana serial numbers were sadly lost in the transition of the company), it has an ink duct system to the right of the ink disc, and also the mechanism which holds and moves the rollers is vastly different. 

This link describes the three different models of Adana eight five:

This one helpfully identifies my find as a Mark II:

There is still further to go, but after the initial clean up stage the press is fully functional in terms of impression. She’s not looking too shabby either:






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