Blind Impressions – Cropper Peerless Platen

This evening I set up the chase in my new, old Cropper Peerless Platen, and spun the flywheel tentatively. Geeking out for a moment, I love how this press feels: the sense of momentum as the flywheel spins, the whirring and clanking of gears and cogs, the low, satisfied rumbling it makes as it operates… wow. 

After some fiddling with the impression screws, I was able to get a pretty deep impression, but sadly every time there was the tell-tale creases between the works that speaks of tympan issues. I recalled that the previous owner had mentioned he had repacked it this week, so I undertook a bit of exploration, to find thick foamy paper lurking in the underpacking. There’s my problem. I pulled it all out, and tomorrow I will repack the layer using newspaper and brown paper. 



This is a helpful link about that… (Tomorrow me: take note!):

(ps: the chase was set by the previous owner. There is an erroneous capital I. He typeset the message for me specifically though, which was a lovely gesture). 

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