Adana Guillotine

A couple of months back I regaled this blog with the story of my going to collect some type trays from a farm, and the kindly owner giving me an old Adana Guillotine he’d been storing in a vat of diesel. 

It should have looked like this: 



But is sadly much browner. After a whole lot of scrubbing, wire wooling, and lemon-juicing, the green underneath began to shine through. Its much greener than ever I thought it would be, bearing in mind the state we found it in, but none of the mechanisms move. 

In preparation for my main restoration project – the Vicobold Model C that we’re picking up next week, I thought I’d have another go at this, dousing all the joints and screws in penetrant to see if I can get them to budge.

So here she is, bathing in a sea of grease! My bedroom smells like a railway yard. I love it. 


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