Inky Times…

Oooh, exciting!

The first thing to report is the gorgeous, gorgeous Golden Yellow. As Far as I can tell it has never been opened as I had to pop the seal. Use by date is May ’95, so its been sitting there a while (and the cloud of solvents that emerged was quite something). The colour is astounding:


It might be an exaggeration, but I felt a little of what Howard Carter might have, in 1922, when he discovered Tutankhamun, catching “a glimpse of gold’ in a dark underground space 🙂

Green is more gooey, which is more like what I’d expected. Definitely still useable though. I made some pretty fair test splodges! 



Next it was onto the Adana inks, and another Tutankhamun moment, as I realised they were all sealed up and unused. Brilliant! I tested the blue which was entirely fluid, and left the other three (Red, Instant Black, Black No. 2) sealed up.


Overall, a great selection, much better than I’d hoped for.

And not a frog in sight!!

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