Urban Dislocation – Photography

My good friend took some excellent photos today at a retail park in the North. I really like them a lot.

One of my favourite places to go in Northampton, back in the late 90s, was an abandoned warehouse park, with some imposing but derelict former mills. They had been gutted, and turned into a subversive hide out for those who felt lost, dislocated, and like they wanted to get away from the world (which just about sums 1990s me up!). They were a really creative place, too, with lots of graffiti, murals, and protest slogans. I should dig out my myriad photos from there.

Anyway, my friends post reminded me of there, which is a nice thing.

He does some interesting things, using monochrome as a signifier for the corporate and soul-less. There is also humour in his photos, for example the mispelled “Delivery’s” sign, underneath a Staples store sign. I am really interested in how we communicate negative space – what is not said – the stuff that goes on surrounding the acceptable face of our society. Sort of like trying to capture the secret, off-guard moments that the UK lets down her guard, if that makes any sense. These photos of rubbish and decay existing alongside the corporate giants, sharing the same space as them… I find that very interesting indeed.

You should check his photos out here:


(please respect his copyright / rights as the photographer of these pics, as per the note on his Flickr… thanks!!!)

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